Golden Grove has a dedicated team and a system in place for managing and monitoring the environment surrounding Golden Grove operations.

The established Environmental Management System (EMS) in place at Golden Grove is used to identify, control, monitor, mitigate and audit environmental impacts. The Golden Grove EMS is made up of two integrated components, including:

• Aligned ISO 14001 Environmental Management System; and
• MMG Standards which provide individual specific standards for environment, safety, health and community.

The MMG Standards are designed to facilitate continuous improvement across all facets of the operation and provide specific guidance to areas of environment, safety and community beyond routine compliance and regulation.

Golden Grove regularly provides input into regulatory environmental reports that include:

Annual Environment Report

The Annual Environment Report (AER) is an environmental summary and compliance report for both the Department of Mines and Petroleum (DMP) and the Department of Environmental Regulation (DER). It provides an overview of past and proposed environmental management, rehabilitation and mining activities.

The report summarises Golden Grove's environmental performance and closure planning progress. The DMP and the DER expect Golden Grove to plan for and undertake progressive rehabilitation during mining operations to reduce the final closure liability.

The AER requires reporting on the opportunity to test, develop and refine rehabilitation and closure methodologies prior to actual closure.

Annual Aquifer Review

A groundwater licence is required for Golden Grove to extract groundwater. Groundwater is extracted at Golden Grove to supply potable water, process water and dewater the mines. The groundwater licence requires monitoring of extraction, ground water levels and groundwater quality.

Annual groundwater reports are submitted to the Department of Water. They include comparisons of actual drawdown figures against modelled drawdown figures, details on abstraction history, water use, water level, water quality, aquifer performance and bore field performance. This allows Golden Grove to minimise the impact on ground water and to aim for continual improvement.

Annual Vegetation Clearing Report

In most cases clearing requires an authorised Program of Works and/or Clearing Permit from the DMP. This ensures correct clearing procedures and rehabilitation occurs. An annual vegetation clearing report is developed and submitted to the DMP that summarises the clearing and rehabilitation that has occurred against each clearing permit.

Monitoring of vegetation growth at Golden Grove

Annual Audit Compliance Report

The Annual Audit Compliance Report (AACR) is reported to the Department of Environmental Regulations (DER) under the Environmental Protection Act 1986. It describes Golden Grove’s level of compliance with the DER operating licence and steps taken to mitigate impacts and/or recurrence of non-compliance. Non-compliances are reported to the DER within 24 hours and investigated promptly. The AACR acts as a summary of all these already reported and investigated non-conformances.

Environment case studies

  • Dust monitoring at Geraldton Port

    MMG works with the Midwest Port Authority (MWPA) to determine and implement loading protocols and procedures that manage dust at the port.

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  • Water balance model

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