Golden Grove education engagement

The Golden Grove Education Engagement program supports regional students to access higher education opportunities related to the mining industry.

To achieve this, MMG works with local high schools to raise awareness of career opportunities in the mining industry, recognise behaviours in line with MMG’s values and provide financial support to local students pursuing mining careers.

Key parts of the program include:

Annual visits by students at local high schools to the mine. The students tour the mine, learn about safety, health and environmental management and gain an insight into mining life. Some schools choose to link the visit to their curriculum, using the visit to see how what they are learning applies in a real-life scenario;

Values Awards at local high schools. MMG provides each high school with awards to the value of $750 each year. The awards are presented to students who demonstrate leadership or community values which align with MMG’s values. The schools determine who receives each award; and

The University Scholarship Program, which provides financial support to students pursuing a career in the mining industry. Two scholarships are available each year.

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